World Cup inspired burgers!

Posted on by Lisa Magennis

As part of our on-going work with Linton Village College and our ASPYRE programme, we held the ‘Dalehead Foods Enterprise Award’ at the College for the third year running. Year 9 Food Technology pupils were asked to create a World Cup 2014 themed burger and we, along with representatives from Waitrose went along for the judging and tasting session!

Jane Clarke, Manager, Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing for Waitrose and Andy Boulton, Waitrose Buyer Service Meat Counter were impressed with all of the eight participating teams. They praised the pupils for their attention to detail, thorough research of the burger market, presentational skills and of course, the taste of the various burgers. We enjoyed hot chilli, American and Brazilian inspired burgers and the overall winner went to team, aptly named as ‘Brilliant Burgers’.

We hope the winning burger will be as successful as the recent Sharing Sausage and Tomato and Basil varieties which launched into Waitrose stores this Summer.

Watch the full video on our Youtube Channel