Close up lamb 

Lamb is the only seasonal red meat.  Lambs are generally born in the spring and are at their sweetest and most succulent when there is plenty of grass to feed on. To provide customers with the best eating quality lamb throughout the year we operate a ‘best in season’ policy. We supply lambs from the UK when it is at its best from spring through to late autumn and New Zealand lamb through the winter months, when the Southern Hemisphere is enjoying their spring and summer.

In order to offer UK produced lamb throughout the year we also work with a group of producers who have Dorset breed sheep.  These flocks are able to lamb at any time of year, so we lamb them down in the Autumn and provide customers with UK produced, new season lamb as early as January.

High standards of welfare and care are essential on farms rearing lambs and we are proud to know all of our producers, each one a member of a Producer Group.

All of the farms are farm assured and operate to standards above the industry norm, all independently audited to ensure we continue to provide the best lamb, reared in the most natural conditions possible; we do not source any lamb from livestock markets.