Victory for Bury team in annual ‘Chariots of Fire’

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For the third year running (literally) we entered four teams to participate in the ‘Chariots of Fire’ relay race around the colleges of Cambridge. This year’s race was in support of the Rosie Hospital Campaign, Cambridge. The event is growing in popularity amongst the division as back in 2009 we only entered two teams.

The pressure was on as preparation was dogged by injury and last minute replacements were found to complete the teams of six required. Fortunately, new starter Sarah Gibbs in Linton Accounts foolishly believed Duncan Savigar when he said Chariots was part of her induction plan and stepped in to run for the Bury team, alongside new Engineer Pete Kelland.

Stradbroke had read the rule book this year, or so we thought, and entered a team almost complete of people who work from Stradbroke, with the addition of pig farmer Ashley Gimson putting in a very respectable running time of under 10 minutes.

Determined to take the Dalehead Sporting Trophy home with him again, team captain Howard Revell advised his team that the specially printed DF t-shirts should not be worn as they would ‘create drag’ when running…!

Spalding and Linton also fielded a team, so with Shaun Thorp waving one arm in support on the sidelines the race of over 300 teams kicked off. It was a close run thing towards the end but anchor man Tom Begg secured victory for the Bury team and ran home triumphant (was there ever any doubt?!) Bury ran a quick race and were placed 26th overall in the Mixed Team section – full details below.

Plans are already in place for next year’s event, any volunteers to organise the teams are more than welcome! A great morning had by all and a good way to meet new colleagues and cheer them on!

Bury team ‘Dalehead Rams & Ewes’ 1 hr 12 mins 29 secs (26th overall in mixed teams)

Stradbroke team ‘BQP Piggies’ 1 hr 15 mins 11 secs (61st overall in mixed teams)

Spalding team ‘Dalehead Slaughters them all’ 1 hr 15 mins 57 secs (70th overall in mixed teams)

Linton team ‘Dalehead Trotters’ 1 hr 16 mins 47 secs (81st overall in mixed teams)

Winning Bury team with trophy from left to right: Sarah Gibbs, Graham Gidney, Pete Kelland, Mark Garrett, Tom Begg & Kim Rutter