Victory at Samworth Challenge!

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The mission was to navigate across the toughest of terrains in a strict seven hour time period. This year’s Samworth Brothers’ Charity Challenge certainly tested the strength and endurance of the toughest of the tough – and two teams from Tulip and Dalehead Foods proved that when it comes to physical challenges they have what it takes!

The first to compete, on 14 May, was Dalehead Foods whose four-man team – Tom Begg, Graham Gidney, Wayne Fairhurst and Lars Frederiksen – completed the adventure racing marathon with a magnificent 350 points, well ahead of the runners-up. The points were accumulated by the teams successfully clicking on the electronic devices that were located at strategic and highly challenging locations throughout the course.

“This year’s event involved running, biking, coasteering and kayaking,” explains Tom Begg. “The coasteering was a nightmare. Just imagine trying to click on to electronic devices on various outcrops of rock, half of which you had to swim to…after running and biking for nearly six hours. As Graham Gidney said during one particularly difficult part of the challenge: “This is much worse than the London Marathon!”

Not to be outdone, on 21 May, “The Lost Piglets” Tulip team also scooped a winning place, with 250 points, also well ahead of the runners-up.

Unfortunately, the team were penalised and lost on penalty points because one of the Lost Piglets suffered a serious asthma attack during the competition and was forced to return to base to collect his medication.

Ray Hanly commented: “To put it mildly, we were robbed of victory! But we’re looking forward to competing next year and giving everyone a real run for their money.”

Both teams competed in Samworth’s Super Tough category and will no doubt agree that part of the fun is in telling the story!

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