The Waitrose Way

the waitrose way

The Waitrose Way is a set of values which demonstrates Waitrose’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

As a well-established and long standing dedicated supplier to Waitrose, we are constantly demonstrating how our own initiatives, spanning the whole Dalehead Division, are working towards the values of the Waitrose Way.

In 2012, Waitrose launched the Waitrose Way Awards, designed to recognise and celebrate the breadth of initiatives which its suppliers are undertaking, to demonstrate their commitment to their internal CSR plans and the values of the Waitrose Way.

2013 Waitrose Way Awards

Now in its second year, Dalehead are delighted to have won two Waitrose Way Awards in the categories of Championing British and Living Well.

Winner Championing British (own label) award – for our focus on long term relationships with British arable farmers in order to ensure crops, animal feed and British pork production remain sustainable.

Winner Living Well (own label) award – for our ‘Equipped for Life’ initiative, to improve the health and well being of our employees and raising the awareness of our Occupational Health team.

treading lightly winner


2012 Waitrose Way Awards

Winner Treading Lightly Waste – BQP trough feeding initiative on farm

Highly Commended Championing British – for the tremendous work carried out by the Stradbroke team in attracting new pig growers into our unique supply chain

Highly Commended Treading Lightly Water – the ongoing commitment to reducing water usage and the strategies in place to achieve this, across the whole Dalehead division.

Highly Commended Treading Lightly Carbon – at a production site level, there are various initiatives underway to reduce the amount of carbon used. At farm level, an Ecopig farm has been running to run trials in different areas of reducing carbon.

Highly Commended Treating People Fairly – ASPYRE framework, which is active across the Division and aims to support and promote young people in the rural environment.

Mark Price, Waitrose Managing Director, said: “We are delighted to recognise and reward best practice in our supply chain. Our suppliers share our commitment to reducing the environmental impact of food production, supporting British farmers and growers, helping people enjoy healthy lifestyles and ensuring fair treatment for all in our business and the wider community. We hope these well deserved awards clearly demonstrate the lengths our suppliers go to in ensuring the sustainability of the food we sell.”

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