Spalding’s new lorry wash gets to work

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This week saw the opening of the new four bay lorry wash at our Spalding site, a project which has been underway for a number of months and which demonstrates our commitment to the environment and the people we work with at the Spalding site.

Now fully operational, the lorry wash has been built to meet and exceed all the standards set by the auditing bodies. It has significantly reduced the chances of any cross farm contamination of disease.

Being the most up to date in the UK, it has been designed with automatic chemical dosing along with the water pump control so each lorry is cleaned using a maximum of only 1600 litres of recycled grey water. This assists the drivers in cleaning their lorries more efficiently and with greater consideration for water usage.

Lorry drivers will have their own locker, wash and toilet facilities located next to the lorry wash.

It is expected this new lorry wash will also positively impact on the local community by reducing the odour emitted from the site. 

This work carried out at Spalding was part of numerous initiatives which were awarded the Waitrose Way Highly Commended in the Treading Lightly Water category.