Back to school for Engineering!

Posted on by client

Following on from the successful visit to Linton, by local students who are studying for a Diploma in Engineering, (News April) Dalehead were approached by Linton Village College as they had an OFSTED assessment and wanted to demonstrate the link they have forged with Dalehead and how we are working with them through the Business In The Community scheme, and also the students needed to improve part of their controlled assessment on Corporate Social Responsibility.

The arrangements for the day were made and it was agreed that I would go in and demonstrate the Environmental Monitoring and Targeting software we use to help us to reduce our impact on the environment, talk them through how we follow the process through from identifying a potential opportunity to completing a project and proving evidence of its success. We would then have a Q&A session where I would answer any questions the students had.

I went to the school expecting to be led along by the substitute teacher and just chip in where necessary but unfortunately the substitute did not have a great deal of knowledge of the subject and it was left to me to guide the students along through the lesson plan as best I could.

Hopefully we covered the agreed points well enough, there was plenty of interaction between myself and the students with them coming up with some excellent points where they felt we could make improvements. We had thought of all the ideas ourselves thankfully but I didn’t expect them to get them so easily having only had a brief tour of our facility previously.

Thankfully the OFSTED assessor didn’t pay a visit to our class as I’m not sure it would have met the level of teaching they are looking for!!

Dan Player, Engineering Dept Linton