With the Product…

Innovation with product 

Dalehead Foods have a dedicated New Product Development (NPD) team, focusing in the development of pork, lamb, bacon, sausage, cooked meats, barbecue and added value lines.  The NPD team works very closely with the marketing and account management teams to ensure that the areas they are developing are meeting the consumer trends of the moment.   The NPD team comprises of award winning chefs, dedicated product developers, product specification and process technologists.

On average, the combined efforts and contributions of all departments of the business develop and successfully launch over 100 new products each year.  We are delighted that some of our products are included in each and every range that includes meat products in Waitrose, for example, including Heston from Waitrose, Love Life, Duchy from Waitrose, Easy, Menu and Essential.

The NPD team and our key customer also undertake regular innovation and study trips.  The most recent trip to the USA resulted in the development of an award winning Slow Cooked Loin Rack of Ribs with Red Eye BBQ rub and Drizzle.