Pork Processing Linton 

Linton in Cambridgeshire is the head office of the Dalehead division within the Tulip group. The Linton site employs on average, 360 people at any one time.  Dalehead Foods are dedicated to ensuring that people have the relevant skills available to do their job to the best of their ability, ESOL and NVQ programmes are available for all workers and Fair Working Conditions Accreditation was awarded in November last year.

The factory at our Linton site is responsible for the further processing of the pork primals following their arrival from Spalding.  Pork is processed into cuts such as roasting joints and chops. Employees take pride in their work as they use specific butchery skills which they have acquired through specialist training, to meet the needs of the customer. Sausages and added value products are also manufactured at Linton, with many products requiring attention to detail as we endeavour to remain one step ahead in an increasingly competitive market.

The Linton site is home to the dedicated new product development (NPD) resource with an optimum team of 11 people.  This team is responsible for the development of the products across both Linton and Bury St Edmunds site and they also work closely with the Cooked Meats dedicated NPD team at Corsham on cross divisional products, such as the award winning Slow Cooked BBQ Ribs.

NPD teams cover a wide range of product categories from fresh pork and lamb to sausages, bacon, cooked meats, BBQ and added value lines – highlighting the breadth of expertise within the business.

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