The Pig Academy That Helps Young People Get into Pig Farming

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The demand for high-quality, fresh British pork is continually rising to the point where demand outweighs supply. As a result, the industry is hungry for a wealth of new, young and enthusiastic farmers to make their way into pig production.

Fresh Start Pig Academy is maintained by Dalehead Foods and is part of an initiative designed to support, encourage and educate young people who are thinking about setting up their own business in the pig farming and production industry.

Partnership and Opportunity

Dalehead Foods has connected and partnered with a number of agricultural colleges and university establishments to demonstrate farming opportunities and help young farmers get the best start in the industry. The Fresh Start Pig Academy consists of farm visits, training sessions and in-depth education on pig production, stockmanship, planning permission considerations, information on environmental impact and considerations around carbon footprints and all other aspects of pig farming including pig welfare.

The academy is also aimed at helping provide young farmers with the business knowledge to create sustainable supply chains, cash flow and properly plan their business activities in order to both survive and thrive in the industry.

A Helping Hand And Expert Support/Mentoring

The Fresh Start Academy also gives those who complete the course a boost in the initial set up by giving immediate access to the market for their product and full, experienced support to get them off to the best start.

Fresh Start has been running on a year basis for the last 4 years and is proving very successful and popular among farms and agricultural enthusiasts.

Find out more about the Fresh Start Academy by contacting or read more about the programme here.