Outdoor Bred

outdoor reared pigs 

All Waitrose Essential pork, bacon, sausage and ham are sourced from Outdoor Bred Pork.  Our Outdoor bred pork come from a dedicated group of farms based predominately in East Anglia and Southern England.

All our sows are outdoors from their entire productive life and all pigs are born out of doors.  No farrowing crates are used.

Our pigs are weaned at approximately 4 weeks and brought indoors to light airy, straw bedded barns for finishing.  No farms used slatted floors; all growing accommodation is straw based.  All our farms are Freedom Food approved with a lower stocking density that the industry standard and a high emphasis on welfare.

Waitrose outdoor bred pork is specially bred to enhance flavour, tenderness and succulence for a superior eating quality unique in the market.