Our Environment

Here at Dalehead, and in collaboration with Tulip, our parent company, we are committed to ensuring that our business grows, with minimum impact on the environment, it is a responsibility we take very seriously.

In order to work conscientiously towards our commitment to the environment, we look comprehensively across all areas of the business to fully understand the effects we have; on our immediate surroundings and those of the wider community. We strive to create an environment where our people are safe, valued and motivated and where our neighbours feel the positive impact of our work.

With a mission in understanding and reducing our absolute carbon footprint, we recognise the challenges ahead which span our entire business, from manufacturing to transport to farming. We understand how implementing improvements to meet our corporate responsibilities will help us in ‘growing responsibly’.

In addition to our commitment to the environment we have identified other core areas of resource to focus on –


Reduce our energy consumption by 15% by 2013.
Constantly looking at ways to reduce energy, we have installed meters across the sites to measure the use of electricity, gas, air and water and effluent, which we can trend. Each site has nominated ‘Energy Champions’ who collate and analyse the data to identify where potential savings can be made.


Reduce water use by 20% by 2015.
Tulip has signed up to the sector-wide Federation House Commitment on water reduction. We are currently in the process of auditing our sites against best practice for water usage. Monitoring and targeting will again help us to identify the areas of highest impact for reduction.


Increase recycling rates and send zero waste to landfill by 2015.
Our focus is on ensuring waste segregation on site, to enable us to source the best local waste solutions to avoid landfill waste. Greater segregation helps us to recycle a much larger proportion of our waste.


Reduce packaging use by 5% by 2013 and increase recyclable content within it.
We monitor our packaging use for both retail and transit packaging, with targets in place to help deliver reductions in packaging use.


Reduce fuel consumption by 6% by 2015 by increasing logistical efficiency.
We are addressing our transport emissions by working with our own fleet and hauliers to embed the principles of the Food and Drink Federation 10 point checklist for greener food transport.


Reduce the carbon footprint of our farming operations by 6% by 2013.
We are committed to driving emissions down all the way back to the farm. To deliver this we have commenced a pilot project with our farming division, looking at all aspects of their operation to reduce the carbon footprint. The project looks at all aspects of the impact of farming but pays particular attention to utilisation of feed, achieving a higher number of pigs per litter and the management of manure.

Setting these targets is just the beginning in a long term commitment to ensuring we reduce our absolute carbon footprint. We recognise the importance of sustainability as being integral in everything we do.

People & Community

Work towards implementing a ‘People & Community Plan’ by 2012