Organic Pork

Dalehead Foods is the largest producer of organic pigs in the UK.  All our organic pigs are British and reared on a selected number of specialist organic farms in East Anglia.  All of our organic farmers are approved by the Soil Association, Organic Farmers and Growers, Organic Food Federation, Assured British Pigs & Freedom Foods.  The farms are all dedicated and work within producer groups to ensure that high common standards are met for breeding programmes and feed supply integrity.  The farms are regularly inspected independently to ensure the required quality of standards of animal welfare and husbandry are met.

All our organic pigs are free range and therefore live outdoors for their entire lives, and as with free range they have access to straw filled arcs/barns to provide a warm bedding area.  The hut also provides shade which, along with mud wallows, keeps the pigs cool in summer.

All organic pigs are bred and fully reared under organic conditions, from the land that they roam to the feed that they eat.

Our organic pork is regarded as a superior eating experience, the meat has a distinctive flavour and when cooked, tenderness and succulence which enhances flavour and delivers excellent eating quality.