British Cooked Meats 

The Dalehead Corsham factory is dedicated to the supply of a range of British cooked meats to Waitrose, these include ham, beef, turkey and chicken.  Our Corsham site employs approximately 330 people at any one time.  As with all our sites we are striving to ensure that all our employees are given the opportunity to complete qualifications to improve their overall performance and ESOL and NVQ programmes are available for all workers.

Corsham has achieved its Fair Working Conditions accreditation along with all of the production sites within the Dalehead division.

All the hams are made from either outdoor bred, free range or organic pork sourced within the Dalehead supply chain.   In order to produce this high quality range of products, we have invested significantly in the most up to date equipment. Combined with innovative new ingredients, we strive to offer a continuous point of difference to our key customer.

Modern state of the art computer controlled steam cookers tenderise and pasteurise meat joints to provide them with the best eating quality. High tech slicers are used to accurately slice the cooked meats.  As with all our products, these packs are automatically weight checked and metal detected before they leave the factory. As well as roasting with honey and herbs, we also smoke products with a variety of wood chippings.  We are constantly trialling new ideas and flavours.

Although the role of technology plays an important part in the cooked meat process, of equal importance is the attention to detail and care taken to hand carve a number of Waitrose products.  Traditional roast joints are carved by hand just like a Sunday roast and carefully placed into individual packs.

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