In the Factory…

In the factory

The production teams at Dalehead Foods are continuously looking at new and improved methods of improving efficiency, reducing energy consumption to ensure best practice throughout the factories. This involves trialing new machinery for new production processes and implementation of ‘lean thinking’ across all production sites.

The abattoir at Spalding hosts some of the most state of the art use of robotics in the industry.  This makes it one of the most efficient pig processing facilities in the UK.  The learning of this has been taken from industry knowledge gained from our parent group Tulip Ltd, in Denmark.

Dalehead Foods at Linton has been focused on increasing its efficiency for the production on added value lines. The Linton site is also responsible for the production of bunch wrapped sausages, Linton is the only retail site in the UK that offers bunch wrapping sausages to a major retailer.

Bury St Edmunds offers our expertise in bacon production, this facility offers state of the art facilities in the production of air dried bacon, which provides exceptional eating quality for customers. Bury St Edmunds is also responsible for the production of all of our lamb processing.  The expertise in this area is demonstrated through the quality and the wide range of products produced.

Our Corsham factory which is responsible for all of our cooked meat production, offers the most state of the art sophisticated equipment.  This investment in the process spans from the steam cooking to tenderise the meat, to high tech slicers to achieve the most accurately sliced meat and optimum roasting and smoking facilities.