Linton Village College interviews our very own Sarah Baker!

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We welcomed two students from Linton Village College for a week of work experience. One of their briefs whilst here was to interview Sarah Baker, our Industrial Placement Student from Harper Adams University College. Gemma and Becky’s write up starts here….

Sarah Baker is an undergraduate student who has been working at the Linton Dalehead site for the past year, whilst doing a four year Food and Consumer course which requires a year of experience work in the field of food manufacturing. Originally from Nottingham, Sarah has travelled a long way from home to work in her chosen career area, and Dalehead Foods has welcomed her in to their community and encouraged her to follow her ambitions.

Whilst at school, Sarah dreamed of becoming a food and nutrition teacher. When we talked to her, she told us that she had always loved cooking at home for her family and friends; this was her driving force for her longing to go in to the food industry. During her secondary education, Sarah was not sure where exactly she wanted to be in five years time, but after her year at Dalehead working as a member of the development team, she has finally found the area that she loves.

The development team at Dalehead Foods looks at producing exciting and inventive concepts before presenting them to the Waitrose board, helping to keep them ahead of competition and Dalehead respected with its customer. Sarah’s creativity skills have helped her and the team to create new BBQ products and party food ranges. The experience at Dalehead has enabled her to see how different flavours complement each other, for example basil and lemon, and how everything that you create is not always successful, but you can always learn from your mistakes.

“It seemed a bit daunting to begin with,” Sarah said, before telling us that her first impressions of Dalehead were soon forgotten as she soon get to know everyone, and they were all very welcoming and friendly. She had heard of its friendly reputation but experiencing it first hand was completely different. As well as this, she has come to appreciate the amount of work that goes in to the manufacturing of food from farm to fork, and even though she does not work on the production line, she can still get a feel of the entire process by talking to her colleagues and working in the vicinity of the factory.

After a year at Dalehead Foods, Sarah is now moving on to finish her degree, but will take her experience and fond memories of Dalehead with her. She has learnt many skills during the short time she has been here, and her creativity has really shone through with the development team, as has her ever-growing confidence. We wish Sarah the best of luck with the rest of her career and know that she will be remembered at Dalehead Foods.