Linton College create sizzling sausage for Waitrose

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Press Release from Waitrose Tuesday 21st May

A team of school pupils have created a new sausage recipe that will be on sale at nearly 50 Waitrose branches from today (Tuesday 21st May).

As part of their food technology lessons, the pupils from Linton Village College, Cambridgeshire, competed against their fellow students for the opportunity to work with Waitrose  and their sausage supplier Dalehead Foods to gain an insight into how a food business operates.

The competition focussed on the use of seasonal flavours and fresh ingredients. Pupils developed their sausage recipes, designed packaging artwork and calculated costings before cooking up their sausages for a final judging tasting session.

The winning  recipe was the ‘Sharing Sausage’ – a sausage whorl with roasted carrots and parsnips, which will be made with pork from outdoor bred, British pigs. The recipe was created by the ‘Seasonal Sensations’ team, made up of four 13-14 year olds. The judging panel included Waitrose Meat Counter Buyer, Andy Boulton and Waitrose Head of Sustainability & Ethical Sourcing, Quentin Clark.

The winning team of students followed the journey of their sausage from being made at Dalehead Foods to Waitrose meat counters, showing them how a product goes from an idea to reality.

Waitrose Meat Counter Buyer, Andy Boulton said: “We were very impressed by all the entries but the winning ‘Sharing Sausage’ had stand out because of its thought through approach. The team created something innovative using a delicious combination of ingredients. Roasted vegetables are really popular at the moment so I know it will be a big hit with our shoppers.”

Ian Simmons, Head of Faculty for Business and Enterprise at Linton Village College said: “This is an outstanding opportunity for these students, taking a design brief and then having their sausage produced at Dalehead and on sale in Waitrose. They are incredibly proud of their achievements and enthusiastically waiting for the first batch of sausages to reach their nearest Waitrose branch. This project has shown the importance of businesses working with schools to provide an exciting extension to their normal curriculum”.

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Notes to editors
– The ‘Sharing Sausage’ will be available on the meat counter in 49 selected Waitrose branches until 15th July.
– All Waitrose pork products are sourced from known British farmers, rearing outdoor bred pigs which are born outdoors and then housed in straw bedded, airy barns.
– Dalehead Foods has been operating in the UK meat industry for over 40 years and is dedicated in supplying premium retailer Waitrose with over 350 products, ranging from British own label pork, sausages, bacon and ham.
– Linton Village College and Dalehead Foods have been working in partnership since Dalehead became a member of Business in the Community in 2011.
– The manufacturer has developed a programme called ASPYRE (Aiming to Support and Promote Young People in the Rural Environment), to educate pupils about food manufacturing and show the range of possible careers in the industry.
– The partnership between Linton Village College (LVC) and Dalehead Foods is part of Business Class, a programme run by the charity Business in the Community which connects schools and business in long-term partnerships.