Bury St Edmunds

Cooked Leg of lamb 
Bury St Edmunds Bacon Factory 

Bury St Edmunds, in Suffolk is the Dalehead site dedicated to the production of bacon and lamb.


We source lamb from the UK and New Zealand for our key customer, so our communication with producers and processors extends across the globe.  Lamb is the only seasonal red meat and we offer ‘best in season’ lamb for great quality, taste and flavour. Commitment to lamb sourcing means that the factory processes a number of different lambs at any one time, traceability and attention to detail becomes paramount to ensure we are delivering the best lamb.  Whether it is a standard or speciality line, the same care and attention to hand trimming butchery is applied, to ensure all products produced are of the highest quality.


Waitrose bacon production takes place at our factory in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.  We make a range of bacon products for Waitrose including smoked and unsmoked back and streaky bacon, as well as gammon joints and steaks.  We also produce a range of specialist dry cured bacon to provide a wide choice of top quality products for Waitrose customers.

The team at Bury St Edmunds includes dedicated planners, production, and administrative staff to ensure that everything runs smoothly. The Bury St Edmunds site consists of 275 permanent employees  and ESOL and NVQ programmes are available for all workers.  Bury St Edmunds site achieved its Fair Working Conditions accreditation in May 2011.

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