Dalehead Foods is the dedicated supplier of pork and lamb to Waitrose.  This covers all products in Waitrose that are sourced from this raw material.  This is a responsibility that we take very seriously and we have built strong producer groups with all our farmers to ensure that we meet the highest standards of animal welfare and husbandry.  All of our farms are farm assured and operate to standards above the industry norm, all are independently audited to ensure that we continue to provide the best quality products, none of our pigs or lamb are sourced through livestock markets.

All of our pork comes from a dedicated group of farmers based predominately in East Anglia and Southern England.  All of our farms are registered with Assured British Pigs and Freedom Foods (the RSPCA farm accreditation body).  The farms are all specifically producing for Waitrose and work within producer groups to ensure that the required quality of standards of animal welfare and husbandry are met.

Lamb is the only seasonal red meat, as they are generally born in the Spring. To provide customers with the best eating quality lamb throughout the year we operate a ‘best in season’ policy. We supply British lamb when it is at its best from Spring through to late Autumn and New Zealand lamb through the Winter months, when the Southern Hemisphere is enjoying their Spring season.

High standards of welfare and care are essential on farms rearing lambs and we are proud to know all of our producers, each one a member of a Producer Group.

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