Easter Treasure in Stradbroke!

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As part of Dalehead’s drive to support local groups and charities within the community, BQP decided to have a fun fundraiser for Stradbroke Guide group.

The Guides meet once a week in Stradbroke High School and the unit has been established for around 18 months.  The unit has over 20 Guides from a number of the villages in the area and each year they have to pay a census bill for all members of the unit to cover insurance.  This year, the bill has exceeded £700 and the unit is struggling to pay it, so they are trying to raise some funds.

The Guides made a 3D treasure map of Stradbroke, (see right) featuring all the landmarks in the village including BQP, the fire station and the pubs, along with a football stadium, forest and outdoor pig unit that you didn’t even know existed in Stradbroke!  The aim of the game was to pick a square on the map.  The winner was the person who picked the square where the Easter treasure was hidden!

The Treasure Hunt raised £115 for Stradbroke Guides.

The winner of a Linden Lady Easter Egg was Ian Dennis. Thanks to all who contributed.

Rachel Farquhar, BQP Technical Co-ordinator