Dalehead shines at Waitrose Way Awards

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Presentation of Award







We are thrilled to be among the winners of the Waitrose Way Awards, announced this week. The Waitrose Way is a set of values which demonstrates Waitrose’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

The BQP led initiative on implementing a trough feeding system on farms has been awarded the Treading Lightly WASTE award. (Website news December)

The feeding system for suckling and pregnant sows has led to a 7 per cent reduction in feed usage. Although a seemingly simple solution, it has required considerable technical input and is seen as a “game changer” for the UK industry as a whole.

Jane Clarke, Waitrose Manager, Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing, commented: “Always ensuring that our suppliers adhere to the very highest levels of animal welfare is a key requirement in the Waitrose Way, as is our commitment to reduce waste wherever we can in our supply chain. The project is a great example of a piece of work that perfectly fits in with both these important areas of our business.” 

Mark Price, Waitrose Managing Director, said: “We are delighted to recognise and reward best practice in our supply chain. Our suppliers share our commitment to reducing the environmental impact of food production, supporting British farmers and growers, helping people enjoy healthy lifestyles and ensuring fair treatment for all in our business and the wider community. We hope these well deserved awards clearly demonstrate the lengths our suppliers go to in ensuring the sustainability of the food we sell.”

In addition to being the winners of the Waste category, we were awarded Highly Commended status on all entries submitted which included Treating People Fairly, Championing British, Treading Lightly Carbon and Treading Lightly Water.  This is a fantastic achievement and testament to our commitment and continued hard work to the Waitrose Way across all areas of the Dalehead division.

Receiving the Waitrose Way Award from left to right: Seamus Rooney, Dalehead Foods MD, Mark Price, Waitrose MD & Andrew Saunders, Agriculture Director