Dalehead Foods 5 A’Side Tournament

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5 a side celebrationsOn Sunday 3rd July the first Dalehead Foods 5 a-side tournament, that covered the four East Anglian sites, kicked off at the leisure centre in Soham, Cambridgeshire.

10 teams were picked from the more ‘athletic and sporty’ staff (well most of them) that work in the division, ready to play for the honour of their particular site and to bring home the now coveted Dalehead 5 A-Side trophy. Warm welcomes were handed out to both Spalding and BQP who fielded teams for the event, confident in their abilities.

After much debating and a couple of adjustments to the teams, (to ensure that enough people had turned up to make the 10 teams) it kicked off and it became clear that the referee was going to be very busy in the early matches as people struggled to understand the ‘If you step in the goal area it is a penalty rule!’ Four games in and after 10-15 penalties had been handed out people were starting to understand!

What then followed was a hotly disputed, well fought out tournament where the teams battled each other as well as the heat in the hall. As the matches went on, there were no dominating teams and all appeared quite even as the semi-finals got underway.

Semi-finalists = Spalding v Bury A & Linton A v Linton B.

After the brief rest between games the semi-finals kicked off and the eventual finalists surged ahead winning 4-0 and 3-0 respectively.

The final kicked off with the Spalding team versus the Linton A team in quite a close match, Linton playing quite defensively and attempting a counter break whilst Spalding played a more attacking game, Linton taking the lead with only 4 minutes left, but 2 minutes from time Spalding equalised leaving the game deadlocked and a penalty shoot out looming.

The penalty shootout lasted all the way with even the goalkeepers taking turns resulting in the eventual winner being Linton A.

So congratulations to Linton A, commiseration to Spalding who came in a close second.

A big thank you to Matt Hammond for organising the event and to Mark Hammond for giving up his Sunday morning, to referee the event. Also to Tom Begg and Zaggy Zachariou for supporting and helping fund the first in what we hope to be an annual tournament.