Cambridge Dragon Boat Race

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Dragon Boat team photo 

On Saturday 10th September 12 members of the Dalehead Foods Linton site took part in the Cambridge Dragon Boat Racing Event.

The team, comprising of Managers, Purchasing, NPD teams and day and night production staff met on the edge of the river Cam nervous and ready as none of us had ever tried this event before.

The full crew list was:

Brett Sellars – Team Manager and Right hand side ballast

Steve Roach – Senior oxygen grabber and Left hand side ballast

James Enever – Mr Competitive and loud bloke on the front

Kevin Cresswell – loud bloke on the front’s mate

Manuel Fernandes – quiet bloke on the back

Daniel Carneiro – quiet bloke on the backs work mate who was actually quite strong

Tom Sheriff – Chief Gurner

Neil Westwood – Experienced Kayaker and fountain of all paddling knowledge

Eddie Versockas – Water agitator and boat flooder

Thomas Vinikov – Power House

Andris Uskans – Second power house and part time drummer boy

Andy Matthews – Rhythm Section (Drummer Boy).

The racing consisted of three heats, where you race three other boats in each heat. Your fastest two heat times are added together and that is your qualifying time for the semi-finals.

In the first race (Heat 3) we came first with a time of 65.42secs. In our second race (Heat 17) we again came first with a time of 61.15secs.

Now it got quite serious and the light hearted mood altered because if we could get a time of less than 64 secs in our third race we would qualify for the semi-finals on our first attempt.

Race 3 (Heat 26) we came third, but managed a time of 61.15secs giving us a qualifying position of 5th fastest out of 42 teams!!

In order to get into the finals we needed to win our semi-final or be the fastest runner up from all three semi-finals.

Unfortunately we came second (only 0.2 of a second behind the winners) and had to sit out the finals with an overall finish position of 7th out of the 42 entrants.

All in though, it was a great day, raising money for both the Variety Club charity and the charity of the day for the event, East Anglia Children’s Hospices (EACH).

Thanks from all of the team to Dalehead for allowing us to enter this event and we hope we have promoted the Dalehead Foods name in the local area as a charity event competitor.

Brett Sellars