Brussels British Breakfast!

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On Tuesday 20th March, 15 MEP’s from across the country travelled to Brussels for a Breakfast Meeting, to discuss  topics surrounding the 2013  Welfare legislation changes that will outlaw sow stalls in the EU apart from the first 30 days of gestation. Only 12 countries out of the EU 27 believe they will be fully compliant come Jan 1st . The National Pig Association (NPA) who organised the breakfast are urging MEP’s to support the Commission to ensure that non compliant countries take a responsible attitude in upholding the EU laws.

It was hosted by Vicky Ford, Cambridgeshire MEP who lives within a few miles of Linton and organised by the NPA, of which our own Howard Revell is Producer Group Chairman.

In support of the event and for a truly British breakfast, both Linton and Bury supplied the bacon and sausages, which included over 200 Free Range sausages and over 200 rashers of Free Range back bacon (some of which was recently awarded ‘Overall Supermarket Champion’ during Bacon Connoisseurs Week!)

Particular thanks must go to Dan Mumby and Sophie Hope who did all the hard work in getting the products to Brussels!