Opportunities with BQP

BQP is actively growing to meet the demands of its retail customer. BQP is looking for farmers to undertake both breeding and growing management contracts.

The basis of these arrangements is that the farmer provides the on-farm facilities such as land, equipment, buildings, labour, straw and water and BQP provide the livestock, feed, vet and fieldstaff support.

These arrangements have worked well over many years, since BQP started in 1979 and several farmers have worked with BQP for over 20 years and often 2-3 generations.

For more information on becoming a breeder or grower for BQP click on the links below

Become a breeder

If you are interested in becoming a breeding farmer for BQP, please contact Simon Barber, Fieldsperson on 07825033715 or email simon.barber@dalehead.co.uk

Become a grower

If you are interested in becoming a growing farmer for BQP, please contact

Mark Jagger, Fieldsperson on 07802 596702 or email mark.jagger@dalehead.co.uk

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