Fresh Start Pig Academy off to a flying start!

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Fresh Start is a national initiative, designed to support and provide business knowledge to entrepreneurial new entrants from both agricultural and non agricultural backgrounds, looking to set up a business.

However, this is the first specialist ‘Fresh Start Pig Academy’ which was set up with the express intent of encouraging more people into pig production as the demand for quality, high welfare British pork continues to grow.  Our unique supply chain provides an attractive and sustainable offer for people looking to start up a pig business.

The Academy received unprecedented attention following a very successful marketing campaign which included articles in Waitrose Weekend, regional newspapers, radio interviews and even BBC Breakfast television appearances from farmers Paul Howland and James White and BQP’s Sophie Hope!

After processing a large number of enquiries, 45 successful applicants attended a launch evening at Riseholme College in Lincoln, learning more about the industry, our supply chain and relationship with our customer. A farm tour and Waitrose store visit rounded off a successful couple of days.

Much positive feedback was received on all aspects of the supply chain that were presented to the candidates, and the first classroom session of the Pig Academy has already taken place.

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